introducing THE CUBE live support MARC HOULE, HEARTTHROB, & GAISER
visual lighting by ALI DEMIREL excecutive producer COSMOPOP logistics by CLONK directed by MINUS


Operating under the premise of 10 weeks of silence, our intrepid team have been hard at work
deciphering the secrets of the Cube after discovering this mysterious object in a clandestine
excavation site. Initial tests reveal a dense, carbon based structure utilizing liquid crystal
technology and while its origins remain unclear it seems to have been created by intelligence far
greater than our own.

As guardian of the Cube, Richie Hawtin has released the following statement:

“What is apparent is that the Cube is a highly advanced communications device that responds
positively to the presence of humans and interacts accordingly. By acting as a central hub it
seems to allow us to direct our thoughts, collect and share ideas, transcend language and
interconnect musically in ways previously not possible. We’re still in the early stages of research
but it seems our destinies have somehow become interlinked.

The global Contakt events are the next phase of our research. The Cube’s technology will
strengthen the connection between the performers but it will to go further, bringing together the
people who share and support our music, giving them the chance to interact personally with the
Cube and in doing so, gain access to the Cube Network. That’s why we’re holding these events,
to create a unique, interactive environment that offers a new, closer form of communication. After
all that’s what makes us human... and if technology can increase that, we should embrace it.“

A sequence of individually crafted events at key locations around the world have therefore been
organised to celebrate the past ten years of Minus and allow like-minded individuals to make
contakt with the Cube. Long time collaborators Richie Hawtin (sound) and Ali Demirel (visual
lighting) will be responsible for the event’s overall atmosphere, exploring new possibilities in
sound and light interaction by sharing information from Richs new digital setup. Each night a
rotating cast of Minus artists including Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Gaiser and Heartthrob
along with a host of special guests will take the stage, adding their own unique sound to this
new, creative mix environment. This will not be a typical one set after another event but a smooth
transition between the unique personalities and sounds that have made Minus what it is today.

In conjunction with the CONTAKT events, Minus is introducing a special CONTAKT membership
card. The card contains a unique microchip that shares the inert properties of the Cube which
will be on display at every location. Everyone who signs up during the first month will
automatically be entered into the CONTAKT Early Member Draw. Three lucky winners, randomly
identified by the Cube, will each receive a Tonium Pacemaker portable DJ device, loaded with an
exclusive Minus digital catalogue pack. Alongside this, other benefits include 10% discount on all
online orders at, full access to the community site and guestlist services
for select Minus events and Richie Hawtin shows. Membership will also automatically grant
access to the CUBE CONTEST allowing individuals to take part in our global experiment aimed
at unlocking the true potential of the Cube.

The CUBE CONTEST experiment, devised together with some of the most innovative names in
audio technology including Native Instruments, Allen & Heath and Tonium, will take place at the
very heart of the Contakt event. The levels of intensity produced by the surrounding audio-visual
experience will optimise conditions for human interaction with the Cube, allowing Contakt
Members using their Contakt Membership card to approach, identify and make CONTAKT with
the Cube. Active participants who assist in the experiment will be rewarded with the chance to
win a Native Instruments Traktor Scratch System. After assimilating the collective information
received from each event the Cube will randomly pick a winner.

After the last CONTAKT event in December all active members, who have made contakt with the
Cube at any of the events, will have the chance to win one of three fantastic prizes in the final
CONTAKT sweepstakes. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Native Instruments package
including Native Instruments Komplete Software Instruments, NI Traktor Scratch System and NI
Kore System. The 2nd prize winner will receive an Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer and the 3rd prize is
a €200.00 online gift certificate.

However, the experience goes deeper still. With the Cube’s energy permeating throughout each
location, everyone in attendance will be able to tune in to the Cube’s Open Network, interacting
remotely with the Cube through handheld devices (ie. iPhone, iPod Touch, and other WiFi-
enabled phones and media devices). To further their connection to Minus, people will be free to
download special CONTAKT items including unreleased tracks & media and also upload demos
to a special drop box hosted by the Cube.